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Economic Development Committee



October 20, 2021 





Intro (Jon Morgan)


Nominations for: 




Committee Member Introductions: 

Robert Span, Legal

Bob Rossman, Commercial Real Estate

Patrick Farrell, Public Relations 

Mac Bonafede, Data Analysis

Kristin Aldred-Cheek, Planning Board Representative

Jon Morgan, Selectboard Representative


First Steps - Planning (Darren Winham)

Where do we start?

What does success look like?


Task Assignments (All)


Public Comment 

3 Minute Limit


Next Meeting


Economic Development Committee 

10/20/2021 Minutes


In attendance: Bob Rossman, Robert Span, Kristin Aldred-Cheek, Patrick Farrell, Mac Bonafede, Darren Winham, Jon Morgan, Stefanie Beaver-Kizza (alternate), Kim Leo (public)


Meeting called to order at 6:00pm


Bob Rossman nominated Jon Morgan as chair, seconded by Robert Span. 

Motion passed unanimously. 


Jon Morgan nominated Pat Farrel as vice-chair, seconded by Robert Span. 

Motion passed unanimously. 


Jon asked the committee to introduce themselves. 


Jon asked the committee to share their initial thoughts on what success for the committee would look like:


Bob - 

-There’s no central place for businesses and townspeople. There’s no small business corridor


Robert -

-Reduce property tax burden whether that’s commercial or not — subsidies/incentives could be counter productive


Pat - 

-Reduce property tax burden. We don’t want to be a drive through town. Need to be able to have a “destination.”


Kristin - 

-Reduce property tax burden. Make Brentwood “The Place” for something in particular. Keep the character semi-rural. Avoid making 125 more dangerous. 


Mac - 

-Qualitative qualities we’d like to arrive at are going to be harder to determine than the quantitative qualities/factors. 



-That’s all a good place to start.  Should consider doing survey of town residents to determine collective vision/qualities they’re interested in having/protecting. Needs to have town buy in to work.  Should also make contact with all properties in sector of interest (e.g. Arkell Memorial Highway Corridor) to determine parcel availability, etc. 


Bob - 

-Mentioned the old slogan “Bring it to Brentwood” was used in the past. 

-Septic is going to be biggest challenge - should look for grants

—Darren mentioned discussion with Christian Smith re: septic issue


Public Comments:

Stef Beaver (Committee Alternate)

-Should look into mixed use development

-Walking paths would be ideal

-Could be seen as a destination


Kim Leo

-Older / more established businesses should be more connected w/ residents

-Triangle between Town Hall, Rec, Library could be town center like development


Jon listed out the action items for the next meeting:



- Split up parcel list on Arkell Memorial Hwy (Rte 125) evenly amongst members to determine: contact info, Line of business, NAICS code, and # of employees onsite

- Draft survey (ask Darren for template) for town residents regarding economic development ideas, examples of communities (in coordination with Pat and Kristen)

- Acquire landing page (.com) and town sub page 



-TPs for committee if communicating with press/public, etc. 


Meeting adjourned at 7:10pm


Next meeting Nov. 3 6pm Brentwood Town Hall (Sanborn)

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