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Economic Development Committee




November 3, 2021 

Brentwood Town Hall



Open Meeting at 6pm


Progress Report - Members


Survey Report - Jon Morgan


Website Update - Jon Morgan


Task Assignments


Public Comment 


Next Meeting



Economic Development Committee 

11/3/2021 Minutes


In attendance: Bob Rossman, Robert Span, Kristin Aldred-Cheek, Patrick Farrell, Mac Bonafede, Darren Winham, Jon Morgan, Stefanie Beaver-Kizza (alternate), Doug Finan (Public), Kim Leo (public)


Meeting called to order at 6:01pm


Progress Report:

  • Members discussed ideas, questions, challenges to collecting information regarding the parcels on Arkell Hwy/Rte. 125.  

    • Decision to add spreadsheet columns “Name”, “Owner Operated”, “For Sale”, “Closed”

    • Discussed ensuring no non-public information added to list for privacy considerations

    • Determined Jon will get Google Sheet created through town and shared with members of board to allow for collaboration in real time.

    • Determined Darren will create script to use when engaging with owners

  • Darren asked to make sure Brentwood has a rep at RPC

    • Jon will look into this

  • Pat shared his Key Messages for the Committee’s efforts


Survey Report:

  • The town agreed to pay for survey development tool which will be used to build survey and collect responses

  • Jon and Darren shared survey questions with the board.

  • The Board offered several small edits and several additional questions to be added

  • The survey will be updated and shared with the board at the next meeting

  • The survey will be published online, on town website, available in library and Town Hall in hard copy

  • Jon will prepare survey according to board input and bring updated version for next meeting


Website Update:

  • The Committee procured as a website to offer information to those interested in relevant developments

  • Jon will develop basic website and offer to board for consideration at next meeting

  • Also need to connect with Karen Clement regarding an Econ. Dev. subpage on the town site


Bob offered to get Brentwood demographics data if possible

Stef Beaver offered to help with traffic data

Jon will prep UNH intern submission for consideration for next meeting


Public Input:

  • Kim Leo shared idea regarding Brentwood business Facebook page

  • Doug Finan (Planning Board member) shared his support and noted he was impressed with expertise, enthusiasm and direction of the committee


Next meeting Nov. 17 6pm Brentwood Town Hall (Sanborn)


Meeting adjourned at 7:24pm

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