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Economic Development Committee


Nov 21, 2022



Brentwood Town Hall



Charette Process and Funding​


Quarterly Brentwood Business Breakfast Planning


Bi-Annual Developer Open House Concept


Signage Update​

Regulation Changes Suggestions


Mac Bonafede, Pat Farrell, Bob Rossman, Robert Span, Kristin Aldred, Jon Morgan via Zoom. Alternates: Stefanie Kizza, Public attendance: Doug Finan and Bruce Stevens.


Farrell will be Chair this evening as Morgan is participating via Zoom. Farrell opened the meeting at 6pm.


·        Minutes of 10.24 were reviewed, Span motioned to approve, Aldred seconded, all in favor.


Administrative Updates-

·        Morgan introduced Jillian Benedix to the Board, she is the administrative assistant for the Planning Board and ZBA, she will be attending meetings and handling administrative tasks as needed.


Charette Process Update-

·        Morgan states it has been submitted to PlanNH, they have asked for more information, and letters of support from the Select Board, Planning Board and Economic Development.

·        Rossman and Morgan will look at page 5 and fill that out.

·        Morgan will formally request letters of support from the Select Board, Aldred will request a letter of support from the Planning Board. Morgan will take responsibility for the letter from the Economic Development Committee will coordinate with Farrell and Rossman. Would like to have these letters by the end of the month.

·        Fee of $6,000 will be required on or before the first day of the Charette.

·        Recreation Department has already agreed to contribute $3,000, will discuss further in the spring. Morgan will follow up on Andy Gray’s email.

·        Tentative date of May 17, 2023.


Quarterly Business Breakfast-

·        Select Board is in support of this idea.

·        Span- Would it make sense to first approach a couple of larger businesses first?

·        Morgan would like to get something set up for early to mid January, Tuesday? Should set this up with Andy Gray to be held at the Brentwood Rec Center.

·        Should have list of businesses in Brentwood with contact information in approximately 2 weeks. Morgan will start this process and put together a Google Doc and distribute.

·        Span will approach 2-3 businesses chosen by the Board.

·        Aldred suggests utilizing the Brentwood Newsletter.


Bi-Annual Developer Open House-

·        Morgan has brought this up and the budget aspect to the Select Board and received no push back.

·        Include commercial and mixed use developers.

·        Intent is to show available parcels on Route 125 i.e.: the parcel on 125 (Crawley Falls Road) and Middle Road that is already approved.

·        It is suggested that the committee build up a digital inventory to distribute via an email list and build up to an Open House.

·        Each property should include realtor contact information.

·        Stevens discussed knowing more about the properties by having a preliminary walkthrough/soil study.

·        Discussed having soil maps overlayed on tax maps/commercial zone for reference.

·        Aldred will look at Master Plan Survey results to see what types of businesses residents want.

·        Maybe for now distribute a monthly email.


Morgan and Benedix will meet next week to discuss tasks and responsibilities.


Signage Update-

·        No real update.

·        Morgan will contact DOT, has the email address, about signs on 101, what is the Town’s responsibility, what is the cost, etc. The Board is looking to get signage on both 101, large blue signs with restaurant, lodging, gas etc. and Route 125.

·        Farrell asked about signs on route 125 for restaurants if it’s not possible to get them on route 101.


Regulation Changes-

·        Aldred explained regulation changes which the Planning Board is working on, public hearing will be December 1st. The Planning Board suggested some change in lots within commercial zone. Aldred expressed concern; this needs to be clearly communicated.

·        Stevens mentioned 125’ setback from Route 125 to business/building, this in place to leave room for road expansion if needed.

·        Aldred mentioned the speed limit on 125 and lack of traffic lights.

o   Morgan explains Route 125 is a state road, the Select Board can make requests, but they have no governing authority.

o   Kizza states it would take new development to change lights and/or speed on route 125, Kizza could help advocate for this.

·        TIFs were discussed, tax increment financing. RPC could come speak with EconDev and/or the Planning Board.


Kizza 2 studies, 1 facilitated by the town, how much developable property is available to get an idea of the demand for hypothetical water to see if it is worth pursuing. Next, can our natural resources support that demand.


Mission Statement-

·        Farrell will draft and send to Morgan.

·        Rossman will look at Portsmouth’s mission statement.


Stevens discussed aquifers, the northeast district of town is home to a large aquifer.



Span motion to adjourn. Aldred second. All in favor.

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