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Economic Development Committee


March 30, 2022



Brentwood Town Hall


Minutes Approval

UNH MBA Program Update

Developer Invitations -- Follow up

Town Planner Glenn Greenwood Discussion

Other Business

Public Comment


Minutes March 16 2022

Attendance: Span, Aldred-Cheek, Rossman, Farrell, Kizza, Finan

Minutes Approval – Unanimous

UNH Intern:

  • Students begin March 21st

  • Bob Span will spearhead effort

    • Sent draft statement of work to Professor/ students

    • Jon approved on behalf of Town

    • Bob to send electronic copy to committee

    • Bob will follow up with students to see if they are interested in a tour of the Town or to attend any meetings (PB interested in meeting with them as well)

Town Presentation/ Future info session:

  • Kristen & Mac did great job at Town Meeting

  • Topic came up at TM where gentleman from Concom expressed interest in working with us

    • Kristen mentioned he is planning to attend an upcoming PB working meeting

  • Town info Session Meeting:

    • Jon suggests holding at either Rec or library

    • May want to consider having it sooner if we want interns to be able to use input

    • Discussed potential for holding it in place of one of regular Wednesday meetings

    • Suggestion to have at least 1 meeting/ conversation with a developer before this meeting to speak about experience

      • No responses yet, maybe Glen could assist

      • Bob R has someone in mind – will inquire if available for next mtg when Glen will be present

      • Doug mentioned example from years ago in Epping where committee reached out to specific businesses they wanted in town (grocery stores)

      • Hoping conversation will result in information on barriers to development

Other Business

  • Glen Greenwood (Town Planner) wants to meet with our committee soon

  • Chief of Police John Ventura interested in joining committee

  • Discussion of how property values get determined during assessment process

  • Discussion about property at 125 & S Rd

Public Comment

  • Discussion about whether or not any federal funds available for water/ sewer work from Covid relief or other recent bills

    • Not 100% sure but understanding is most covid funding was focused on safety and transportation

    • Some funding for water/sewer from infrastructure bill, gets delivered through state revolving funds

    • A lot of transportation funds available, federal govt trying to figure out how to spend it.  Should look into available applications

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