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Economic Development Committee


April 3



Brentwood Town Hall



Plan NH/Community Engagement Workshop

Quarterly Brentwood Business Breakfast Planning

*Any other business that may come before the Board.

**Any other business that may come before the Board.

Mac Bonafede, Bob Rossman, Robert Span, Kristin Aldred, Jon Morgan, Stefanie Kizza, Doug Finan


Jon Morgan opened the meeting at approximately 6:05.

Aldred motioned to approve the site walk minutes from 2.27.23, Finan seconded, Kizza abstained, all other in favor, motion carries.

Community Engagement Workshop was discussed. The brochure will be distributed around Town, posted on social media and the Town webpage once it is finalized which Morgan and Benedix will do this week. A QR code needs to be added as well as few minor edits. Morgan will work this week to confirm how many Plan NH team members will need hotels and reserve those. Morgan will also work on setting up catering, Lois DeYoung suggested Lindy’s Country Store, Morgan reassured her that he does intend to use Brentwood businesses for this event. Benedix will also work on the flyers for this event to be posted at local businesses. The Board went over the list of stakeholders, Becky Dunham, Block Drive, suggested adding the Historical Society to the list and Morgan stated he will call Ron Kew, Principal at Swasey Central School, to invite him as well. Benedix suggested asking Mr. Kew if we could send home flyers/brochures with the kids at the school. Benedix will ask Joyce Keegal to provide flyers and brochures to the library. Jim Hajjar, Mohawk Lane, editor of the Brentwood Newsletter, offered his support and printing space to the Board to help advertise their upcoming events.


Brentwood Business Breakfast was discussed. This event is scheduled for May 8th at 9 am at the Brentwood Recreation Center. Morgan and Benedix will finalize the postcard invitations, add a QR code and Benedix’s contact information and try to get these out as soon as possible. Congressman Chris Pappas is confirmed to be the guest speaker. The Board discussed the schedule for this event. The Board discussed streaming this event over Zoom, it was suggested that if people have the option to Zoom, they may not come in person, this topic will be revisited. The Business list is up to around 200, members of the Board will also reach out to individual businesses via phone or in person.


Old business was brought up, Rossman asked about the status of getting signage on 101, Morgan will follow up on this. This also brought up that the “Welcome to Brentwood” sign on the South end of 125 is peeling, Wayne Robinson of the Highway Department will be contacted.

Morgan and Rossman recently spoke with Matt Taylor regarding bonding. Brentwood currently requires a cash bond, there are other options available that would still protect the Town but would expand development opportunities for Developers. The Board made they are looking at potentially updating the current bonding process, the Board would like more information.

Kizza updated the Board on the phone conference she had regarding the Water Strategic Planning Grant. Brentwood was not a recipient of this grant, because it was more related to the health and safety, PFAs and PFOAs, of water infrastructure, Brentwood is not at that stage at this point. Morgan is curious if the Town could use testing previously done by Dana Truslow regarding the health and safety of our water in Town.


Rossman motioned to adjourn at 7:05, Aldred seconded, all in favor, motion carried.

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