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Economic Development Committee


July 20, 2022



Brentwood Town Hall




Minutes Approval


UNH MBA Student Report Follow Up


Grant Opportunities

--Review, Discuss, Decide on Pursuing or Not


--Healy//Morse Properties


Other Business


Public Comment




Timeline for courthouse development / pullout - details to be sought


Follow up on bonding — No new information available currently


Discussion on Rec — property — plan NH Charette

—Rec is interested, but wants to learn more about Plan NH

—Rec loves Kensington//Sawyer Park

—what’s the cost // ROI?


Rossman spoke with Plan NH 

—They’ll come in and hold meetings to get input from public

—$6000 cost approximate

—possibly get this from the select board

—Bob and Andy will connect and will get a report together to ask from Selectboard


Bonds from Planning board as unnecessary hurdle for development  -- Need to find an alternative that still protects town's interests


Share with Planning Board the Rec/Plan NH discussion


Looking at UNH Student Planning Report

—summary in newsletter on website and social

—Bob Span is going to write a summary for the website


Doug says Jon should make public invitation to comms committee // newsletter

Pat will submit from the committee


Breweries to reach out to for expansion/needs assessment

Twin Barns Meredith — brewing


Northwood Brewing


Brentwood specific 101 signs


Other UNH internship opportunities


Opportunity across from Rec center — for parking


Defense and Telecoms and Foreign Affairs — LOIs


why aren’t we calling ourselves the county seat (to attract businesses)?


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