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Economic Development Committee


Aug 31, 2022



Brentwood Town Hall




Minutes Approval


John Grammas Intro/Discussion 

--Potential new project on 125


Grant Opportunities

--Review, Discuss, Decide on Pursuing or Not


Website Updates 


Other Business


Public Comment


Bob Span, Bob Rossman, Pat Farrell and I had a good (and short!) meeting this evening. I'm attaching a general review of what we discussed.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  


Meeting start at 6:25pm

Discussed possible grant opportunities from State of NH and USDA.

--Bob Span will review and report back on State of NH DES and Drinking and Ground Water Trust Fund opportunities. 

--Pat will review and report back on USDA Community Facilties and Waste Water Disposal opportunities

--Jon will review and report back on NH BEA, NH BFA and US Community Project Funding (through Rep. Chris Pappas's office) opportunities


Discussed Bonding bylaws.  Bob R. Explained he recently had a conversation with a developer contact familiar with various bonding regulations and noted Brentwood's approach could be significantly improved by allowing insurers to be a part of the bonding process. Bob R. Will pull Brentwood bonding regs for that contact to review and provide feedback.  


Bob R. Provided updates on PlanNH charette possibility.  It looks like the earliest available would be around May 2023. Bob will seek to put a hold on that slot for Brentwood and will work with Jon on questionnaire. 


Discussed possible website update to include available property section (specific to Rte 125) and possibly adding phone number with extension for Committee.  Jon will make updates to website and inquire about phone number. 


Bob Span asked about Committee business cards - Jon said he will look at getting some done and will seek Selectboard permission to use town seal. 


Bob Span will provide written Committee update for BNL and will send to Jon/Pat in the next week.  Jon/Pat will review and send out to committee.  


Meeting adjourned at 6:59. Next meeting August 17 at 6pm. 

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