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Economic Development Committee


June 15, 2022


Brentwood Town Hall


Minutes Approval

UNH MBA Student Report Follow Up

Rob Healy Discussion

Follow Up Discussion


--Epping Water

--125 Property Owners

--Healy//Morse Properties


--Conservation Committee

Other Business

Public Comment



Minutes 6/15

Courthouse — Bob Span - opportunity for the town // opportunity for next use of that site? 

—Econ dev have input — may expose opportunities for development adjacent to it. 


Bonding: Is there a reasonable and legal insurance alternative?


NH Plans proposal - Bob Rossman engaging with Brentwood Rec Department


Rec Committee - Pat will discuss with Jon and Rec Committee and follow up



Bob Span -  August 15 for summary

Kristin Aldred-Cheek - Summarizes planning board


Bob Span - will follow up with UNH Student opportunities


Stef - UNH students - civil engineering — would Glenn know where the students would start


Kristin - storage facility - don’t put storage


Ideas to contact for discussions about restaurant expansions

603 Brewery (Derry)

Jumpin Jay’s - Jay McSharry

Railpenny Tavern


Exeter/Kingston Water

Glenn - other towns with water


Community Well - possibility of federal funding available? Stef Kizza will look at well protection language


On Courthouse — is there a judiciary committee (involved in the move discussions)


7:01 adjourn

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