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Economic Development Committee


March 13 2023



Brentwood Town Hall



Chief Ventura

Plan NH/Community Engagement Workshop

Quarterly Brentwood Business Breakfast Planning

Town Meeting Plan

**Any other business that may come before the Board.

Mac Bonafede, Pat Farrell, Bob Rossman, Robert Span (via Zoom), Kristin Aldred, Jon Morgan, Stefanie Kizza (via Zoom), Doug Finan


Morgan called the meeting to order.

Rossman motioned to give Kizza and Span voting rights, they are attending the meeting via Zoom, Finan seconded, all in favor, motion carries.

Chief Ventura was present to discuss the possibility of a Municipal Complex to include the Police Department and the Town Offices. Chief Ventura has reformed the Building Committee, in doing so they have done an evaluation of the building the Police Department is currently in as well as other buildings around Town. There are currently test pits being done at the location of the Fire Department as this is where the Town had planned to build the future Police Department. Having the Fire Department, Police Department and Town Offices would create a Safety Campus, rather than a Public Safety Building.

There was a needs assessment done. At the current Police Department location there is flooding during heavy rain, it is not truly handicap accessible throughout, and officer safety is a concern due to special constraints.

Norwich University students worked on this project several years ago, they did approximately $80,000 worth of work, at no cost to the Town. Chief Ventura confirmed they are willing to do this again for the Town.

The current design idea is to have the basement of the facility be a large training room and training facility for the Police Department. The ground floor would be half Police Department and half Town Office, at the rear of the building would be a large meeting room, and the second floor would include more office space as well as a much larger meeting and training room which would also serve as an Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Putting the EOC in the building will make the Town eligible to receive grant money back from the Federal Government for the construction costs. Chief Ventura has experience with this from his time in Wakefield. This would also be a fully functional shelter because it would include an elevator, locker rooms and showers; currently we only have warming centers in town.

Finan asked if this move would reduce response time. Chief Ventura responded that he does not believe it will have a significant impact on response times but states the move would make the Police Department much more visible to the public.

Rossman asked if the current Town Office building was zoned Commercial or Residential, it is actually in the Town Center district.

Municipal Facility Research Subcommittee meetings are happening monthly, there is a Zoom option, and Chief Ventura invites any and all to attend.

Bill Faria, South Road, asked about having a driveway onto Route 125 for the Town Offices/Police Department. Chief Ventura states that for safety reasons he would prefer to use the current driveway on Middle Road and utilize the light at the intersection of Route 125.


Community Engagement Workshop was discussed. The Board received the acceptance letter from Plan NH, Brentwood has been confirmed for a Charrette focused on the Recreation Center, happening May 12th and 13th. Flyers will be distributed throughout Town as well as posted on social media and the Town website.


Quarterly Brentwood Business Breakfast is scheduled, Morgan and Benedix will work on getting postcard invitations out. Morgan will reach out to Brentwood businesses to sponsor this event.


The Board went over their meeting schedule.

The Board discussed the upcoming Water Infrastructure Funding Workshop virtual webinar series. Benedix will distribute registration link.


Rossman motioned to adjourn, Bonafede seconded, all in favor. Meeting closed at approximately 8:10pm.

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