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Economic Development Committee


Feb 16, 2022



Brentwood Town Hall


Minutes Approval

UNH MBA Program Update

Data Presentation at Town Meeting

--Next Survey

--Survey respondents mass email

Developer Invitations Discussion

Other Business

Public Comment



Minutes Feb. 2 2022

Attendance: Farrell, Span, Aldred-Cheek, Rossman, Bonafede, Winham, Morgan, Beaver-Kizza, Finan (Public), Wittner (UNH Faculty Advisor (by video conference)) 


Minutes Approval - Unanimous - with the caveat that Bonafede's presentation will be posted to this website

Data Presentation at Town Meeting

-Bonafede will add a few more statistics based on the committee's discussion at the last meeting and then will send the presentation to Farrell for inclusion of photos/graphics.  The presentation will then be posted to the website as a PDF document. 

-Bonafede, Aldred-Cheek, and Farrell will discuss building a 3-4 minute presentation for town meeting. No questions will be asked and a full data presentation will be offered to the town for a to be scheduled meeting where questions will be answered. 

UNH MBA Program Update 

-Professor Dan Wittner joined by video conference and met the group. Wittner offered an overview of his professional experience. The group did individual intros and discussed a very high level of how the MBA students will work with the Economic Development Committee.  

-Span will connect with UNH faculty to determine how to best develop a plan to work with the students and what would most benefit both parties.

-The next Economic Development meeting will be focused on developing a specific plan for MBA intern engagement.

Kingston PB Update 

-Rossman and Aldred-Cheek attended the Kingston PB on 2/1 and spoke with them for almost an hour. The conversation was fruitful and the topics ranged from recent developments in Kingston, recently approved large projects and zoning. Conversations with Kingston PB will continue as appropriate. 

Zoning Discussions Update

-Zoning updates will likely begin being discussed by the Brentwood PB for inclusion in the 2023 around July of 2022. It would be beneficial to have suggestions for the Brentwood PB's consideration by that time. 

Developer/Broker Invitations Discussion

-The Committee will delay these invitations until such time as it is appropriate. 

Other Business

Public Comment


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