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Economic Development Committee


March 2, 2022



Brentwood Town Hall


Minutes Approval

Rockingham Planning Commission (Sarah Tatarczuk and Tim Roache)

--Master Plan Chapter Prep

UNH MBA Program Update

--Statement of Work Review

Data Presentation at Town Meeting

Developer Invitations Update

Other Business

Public Comment



Minutes Feb. 16 2022

Attendance: Farrell, Span, Aldred-Cheek, Rossman, Bonafede, Morgan, Beaver-Kizza, Finan (Public), (UNH Intern Team (by video conference)) 


Minutes Approval - Unanimous

Data Presentation at Town Meeting

-Final presentation needed to be forwarded to Aldred-Cheek and Bonafede. 

UNH MBA Program Update 

-Student team introduction by video conference

-Review of concepts involved in the upcoming project and how those will fit into the overall objectives of the Economic Development Committee and Master Plan chapter creation

-Committee to develop proposed Statement of Work based on conversation with intern team and internally and send to Witner and students for review and feedback.

Developer Discussion

-Rob Healy to be invited.


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