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Jan 12, 2022



Brentwood Recreation Center



Minutes Approval


Survey Update

-Review Findings


Internship Updates (Robert)


Development Opportunities

-Developer Reachout


Regional Engagment

-Kingston Update


Task Assignments 


Public Comment 


Next Meeting 



12/1/2021 MEETING

Minutes Approval

Attending: Patrick Farrell, Kristin Aldred-Cheek, Bob Rossman, Robert Span, Stefanie Beaver-Kizza, Jon Morgan, Darren Winham, Mac Bonafede, Liz Faria (Public), Doug Finnan (Public), Kim Leo (Public)

--Motion by Farrell, second by Aldred-Cheek. Approved unanimously

--Motion by Aldred-Cheek, second by Rossman to give Beaver-Kizza voting rights (Bonafede arrived late). Approved unanimously.

Survey Update

-Press - Farrell will write up blurb and get it to Carriage Towne News and look at BNL. We will see where we get to and then possibly look at Seacoast Online if needed. 

--Bonafede noted we are looking for a minimum of 100 responses to achieve useful, qualitative results. 

-Social Media - Morgan will connect with Town Clerk to get pushed to survey pushed to social media. 


Internship Updates 

--Span attended the UNH consulting fair and noted he gave a 10 minute presentation which was well received by students (undergrad) and professors.  One of the leading professors mentioned the Brentwood Econ. Dev Committee would be also well suited for the MBA level consulting projects, proposals for which are due to be submitted at the end of December.  Span and Winham will work together to submit a MBA project proposal and wait to hear results/interest from the undergrads. 


Spreadsheet Updates

-Identify Specific Opportunities

---Rossman will look into opportunities/interest regarding property at Arkell Mem. Hwy and South Road.

Task Assignments 

---Farrell - will write/submit blurbs to Carriage Towne News and/or BNL

---Span will work with Winham to put proposal together for UNH MBA consulting project

---Morgan will work on getting into Peach Project for spreading word on Econ Dev Survey

-------Morgan and Farrell will look at getting cards/1 pagers done to hand out

---Morgan will ask for share button to be added to town website notification re: Survey

---Aldred-Cheek will begin planning for early February town presentation

---Morgan will look into getting sign made for "Bring It To Brentwood" hopefully based on original sign

---Rossman will look into South Road/Arkell Hwy property

---Morgan will look at updating hard copy version of survey


Public Comment 


Next Meeting 

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