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Economic Development Committee


April 20, 2022



Brentwood Town Hall


Minutes Approval

Andrew Ward - Colliers International

--Real Estate Broker Perspective Discussion

UNH MBA Student Program Update

--Kat Hand and Team Update

--Jon and Robert Span Update

--May 5 Presentation to Planning Board

--May 9 Presentation at UNH

Other Business

Public Comment


Andrew Ward - Colliers 

Brentwood Presentation

Discussed Town center concept


Start the project at the end — with what the goal/objective/desired outcome is


---Educating and campaigning for project is very valuable


---Plan NH got involved in Stratham — weekend Charrette (sp?) — what the projects there could look like


---Land will get developed according to the market at the time and 


---Highly encourage water service from epping


---Reach out to people who have done that before — there’s precedence


Decreased density is result of no water/sewer

  —just water is super helpful

  —no sewer does limit what can operate there

   —look at Stratham — 

Car dealers, warehouses, country stores


Says no to restaurants, spas, chemicals, high number of employees




Our tax rate is high/understandable and comparable to area

Way to sell this is diversification of tax base

Newington is where commercial supports residential taxes





Town center 

Community septic may be worth looking at public private partnership ??  

Larger septic system may be worth considering (assisted living facilities/hotel)



Identify existing town owned land — strategize what could be relinquished and what could be added

—land town owns could be sold and revenue could be put toward town water/sewer

— is there appetite for acquiring more?

—rights of first refusal possible?


Understand how the town would vote for these types of initiatives


Part time Econ dev director (1/2 days a week would be great)




Agri tourism could be a boon for the town - multi vendor situations also


Outdoor education, hunt, fish, hike, pick your own



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